Photography & Branding


High Tea & Cafe Society Exhibition at Twelve Stones, Pontville

I am looking forward to the first Tasmanian Creative Studio ART MARKET at the Twelve Stones Restaurant in Pontville! The aim of this exhibition is to create works that connect with the theme of High Tea & Cafe Society.

My thought process behind the images was the fact that we live in a state full with exquisite food, drinks and attractions. One of the first things people do nowadays is taking a picture of their food or drink with their Instagram account. Due to the nature of the exhibition being held with a 30cm boundary, this played in perfectly with the original orientation of Instagram. Back to basic of sorts! The images have been edited to ‘look like’ Instagram filters. 

This exhibition will take place inside the fabulous Twelve Stones Restaurant on Saturday December 9th. The market will run from 3.30 - 5.30 pm and during market hours Twelve Stones will be offering food from their enticing new 'small time' menu, coffee, cake and their full selection of delectable wines and other beverages. I will be certain to have a taste of their menu!